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Hi, I’m Allison, thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  My journey began long ago as a young person, when I began to understand the value of being a safe resource and grounded support for others.    This has continued to show up for me in various ways throughout life, and that is what led me here today, to you.  I have seen human capacity to overcome the unimaginable once we find acceptance, love, and compassion.  We do not have to feel alone, unlovable, or helpless anymore.  I know this because I've done this.  I have also helped many others to discover their beauty as the complex and unique human beings that we are. This journey is hard, but it is not impossible.  It takes courage and bravery, but the end result is a life free from the shackles of shame and stronger connection to ourselves.

When I entered into a career as a therapist after 13+ years in aviation, I had a clear understanding that my passion lies with individuals diagnosed with HIV, due to some close, personal connections.  This was realized when I began my internship and subsequent full-time employment at the Phoenix Shanti Group.  Through this work I have gained extensive knowledge in Substance Use Disorder treatment, complex trauma, and shame-resiliency.  I have volunteered within and continue to be an active member of and fierce advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.  Other personal, non-work related  interests include Pixar movies, Dachshund anything ( Klaus-pictured left), and foodie adventures.

It is very much an honor for me to share my time with clients who allow me the opportunity to remain a safe resource and a grounded support.  I cannot possibly think of a more honorable gift than to earn someone else’s trust, and I thank you for that gift with respect, honor, and gratitude.

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