Flight Deck Professionals

Why this is important...

For many of us, our career defines our sense of self and personal identity, which is especially true for Pilots.  The years of hard work and dedication put into creating your career is not something to be viewed lightly.  With so many restrictions placed upon you, the idea of seeking help can be extremely overwhelming and unnerving.  I understand this concern personally, as my partner is also a Pilot.  I am sensitive to the delicate balance of taking care of self while also attempting to live within the guidelines and standards that are required of you.

My intention and hope for working with Pilots is of one purpose: in a world where everyone may seem like they are trying to prevent you from flying, I want to help you continue to fly!  

While taking early steps to address human challenges, we are then able to overcome them and thrive moving forward.  No one is a machine, and our being human actually gives us the extra capacity and capability of making extraordinary decisions when called upon (looking at you Sully)... a machine does not have human survival instinct which means we go above and beyond every time.  Therefore, as with an aircraft on autopilot, the more it adjusts it's trim, the less prepared we are when the trim stops and the autopilot shuts off.  Please consider the important work that you do, and recognize how important it is to address your needs, as they impact so many of those around you.